Strengths-Based Middle and High Schools

Middle and high Schools face challenges associated with engaging students, increasing student achievement, reducing conflict within the student body, building community and helping students prepare for rewarding careers. Strengths-based schools help students and staffs recognize and develop their individual, productive ways of thinking and behaving. They also help the school population strengthen these personality traits to build stronger teams, more rewarding activities, engaging classroom experiences and a culture of affirmation in which students can thrive. From orientation programs, to classroom experiences, strengths-based guidance counseling and student life experiences, we can help you design a strengths-based program that helps your institution achieve its goals of community and achievement.

Middle and high school administrators also face challenges with managing conflict and achieving results within the teams and departments, they lead. Strengths-based team leaders first gain an understanding their team member’s technical and personality strengths. Next, they identify their team’s collective personality. Then they develop strategies to overcome blind spots and leverage team strengths to achieve organizational objectives.