About Us

What discoverPERMA delivers is a designed process utilizing both theory and practical applications into a proprietary strategy that leverages the following advantages:

•  Strengths- Innovation, creation, and focus are driven by strategic identification of what organizations do well and positioning the best of what members are innately designed to contribute in areas that match their performance to organizational objectives and tasks. Not only will organizational members bring to bear their best in specific tasks and abilities, their long-term sustainability to the organization will be realized. Through developed awareness, growth, and application managers will have strategies to leverage human resource advantages to high performance of organizational tasks, while creating increased energy for future tasks.

•   The Five Pillars of Flourishing- Developed by Martin Seligman, the Pillars of Flourishing encompass measurable factors that define a person as flourishing. At Discover PERMA, we believe that when an organizational cultural encourages the growth of the five pillars then not only will members flourish but the organization as a whole experiences a dynamic transition into an entity of unparalleled innovation, seeking to discover future opportunities of organizational-wide advancement that results in sustainable growth. These Five Pillars include: Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

•  Appreciative Inquiry- The art of recognizing what organizations do well and the relentless commitment to authenticity, seeking to find solutions through strengths, discovering organizational truths, designing process improvements, and dreaming for achievable future successes is at the heart of appreciative inquiry. Leadership and managers that can become initiators of this powerful tool will be able to develop greater commitment from members and generate a systemic paradigm that encourages deep organizational understanding, an enjoined culture where all members engage in improvement processes, and a dynamic contributive communications network that connects knowledge to successful change.