Colleen P. Ramos Ph.D.

Chief Talent Officer
Maximizer – Ideation – Strategic – Self-Assurance – Learner


Dr. Colleen Ramos has worked as an administrator and a professor in the field of higher education for many years. She also serves as a Strengths Quest Advisor for the Gallup Corporation. She earned her doctorate from Barry University. Dr. Ramos is certified in the field of Emotional Intelligence, as well as Appreciative Inquiry.

She focuses on helping students uncover their talent, developing their individual’s strengths, maximizing their academic and professional careers, and building strengths-based organizations. A major element of the strengths-based organization is the training provided for faculty that drives greater teaching and learning outcomes and facilitates the capacity for faculty to leverage their own strengths and the strengths of students towards academic, career, and relational success.

Dr. Ramos has launched campuses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas and reorganized schools in Oregon, Mississippi, and Tennessee. She has consulted with several nontraditional colleges throughout the United States that were redesigning their programs for nontraditional students. The key to her success has been positioning the organizational strengths of institutions leveraging performance excellence and facilitating the successful completion of their strategic goals. She has introduced the concept of strengths-based nontraditional programs in Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

Dr. Ramos works with business leaders and organizations that recognize the importance of engaging employees and unlocking human potential in order to differentiate strengths-based organizations creating a competitive advantage and increase market value.


As a strengths educator, Dr. Ramos believes that every individual has talent. In order to move organizations from average to excellent business leaders need to embrace the concept of strengths-based leadership and the recognition that every employee has talent to offer any organization. To maximize organizational effectiveness and increase market valuation we need to create a strategic human resource plan that optimizes organization performance. Unleashing human potential by discovering talent, pursuing strengths development and leveraging high performance abilities to skills, knowledge, and strategic planning is the central focus of Ms. Ramos’ expertise and practice.

Thought Leadership

Dr. Ramos believes that most organizations operate on the deficit/remedial approach and assume that high performance is achieved through a focus on weaknesses. The time is right to look at the positive attributes contained with an organization’s human resources, while the impact of a strengths approach can impact teams, organizations, industries, and communities. Shifting the paradigm from what is broken to what is working so that leadership can maximize the potential within its own organizations will have an immediate impact on individuals, teams, organizations, and society. It can be a strengths revolution! The time is now and the decision is yours.

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